Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back in the Southfarthing...

I now remember why I agreed to go. Because I love these people, and they are fun.

Caitlin, Kina, and Victor are not much bigger than I remember them, and much, much bigger than I remember them. For starters, Victor can communicate now. He had a cleft palate as a baby, which was not repaired, I believe, until Andrea and David adopted him. At any rate, my entire time babysitting him consisted of a series of dichotomous choices. Like playing 20 Questions. Only the machine can run naked around the room grinning like a fool and humming songs from Blue's Clues.

Now he talks, and he wants attention, and I adore him all over again. I totally understand why he needs a brother, since Caitlin and Kina tolerate him in a haphazard fashion. And I totally understand why they tolerate him haphazardly, as he could annoy me, were I only two (rather than twenty) years older than he.

When I watched the kids back in the day, Kina was the one with whom I interacted least. David always took her to school on his way to work, so I wouldn't get to play with her as much. She's become quite the corker, and is clearly going to challenge me most often. Which is perfect. She also wants to be my pinochle partner; I can't wait.

Finally, Caitlin. My darlin'. She and I spent a goodly number of hours in the front yard, waiting for buses, picking clovers, doing magic. She is most convinced of the three that I am a wizard*, despite being the eldest child. While I attempted to choose stories to read to the kids whilst abroad with all of them in mind, I admit to choosing them with an eye to what Caitlin and I used to talk about reading.

David and Andrea are delightful. They are quintessentially calm; as I am not, I find this trait of theirs to be very soothing. I hope I do a good job with their kids. They certainly do.

It is also very calming to be leaving from my alma mater. My time here (as I look back on it with five-year anniversary rose-tinted glasses) was idyllic. If one must go on an adventure, this is a good place from which to leave.


[*Do not let the above paragraph suggest that I am not a wizard. I am. Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.]

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