Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beorn is not a xiao xiongmao, either…

In addition to giant pandas, there are also many red pandas (“xiao xiongmao” means “little bear cat”, in case you wanted to know). Red pandas are adorable; the have the best traits of teddy bears, raccoons, and kittens, except they are much larger than kittens. How would I know?

Because I got to hold one, that’s how.*

When Caitlin and Kina had their little run-in with Jing Jing, I asked our guide, Roy, if I could get a picture with a red panda. He said I could. Thus, when we arrived** at the red panda area, I plopped down my 100 yuan***, and the authorities plopped one red panda on my lap. I got to pet it and feed it and take several pictures with it.

*If there’s anyone out there reading my little journal, anyone who is just head over heals about red pandas, anyone who ever made me sit unnecessarily in the heat waiting for red pandas that did not exist, this post is for you.;-)

**Actually, this is not how it happened. First there were lots of people. Then we lost Victor. Then I found him. But that’s a separate story.

***Giant pandas are endangered; red pandas are threatened. Even without different demand schedules, which there undoubtedly are, you can see how scarcity affects prices.

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Tumbleweed said...

First, I hate pingying. I can't read it!!!

Secondly, I didn't know the Chinese word for pandas before, but it is so, so, so, cute.

Thirdly, I think I hate you. Or perhaps I am mistaking an emotion of extreeeeeme covetousness.

Fourthly, pictures of you petting red pandas, aeyiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I can't wait!!!!